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Sat, Oct. 2nd, 2010, 03:43 pm
calico_reaction: Hopkinson, Nalo: So Long Been Dreaming

So Long Been Dreaming: Postcolonial Science Fiction & Fantasy (2004)
Edited by: Nalo Hopkinson & Uppinder Mehan
Genre: Short Stories/Speculative Fiction
Pages: 270 (Trade Paperback)

The premise: ganked from BN.com: An anthology of stories of imagined futures, written by leading writers of color from around the world.

My Rating

Worth the Cash: Overall, I was very pleased with this anthology. There are MANY stories here that deserve a re-read, so I suspect I'll keep this sucker around so I can come back to it again and see what more I can get out of each story. There were a few stories that disappointed me, but overall, I was fascinated, engaged, and impressed. There's solid writing in this anthology, and I've found some new authors to check out, which is always a good thing. If you're interested in science fiction and fantasy written by authors of color, this is a fantastic place to start.

Review style: I really don't know how to review this, and that's because my reading of this anthology got interrupted with surgery and pain killers. I will talk about the anthology in general and how it's constructed, and I definitely provide the table of contents with star-rating and brief commentary. There's also a bonus question at the end of the review! No spoilers, because what's the point of spoiling short stories? That's silly!

The full review is at my LJ, for anyone interested. As always, comments and discussion are most welcome.

REVIEW: SO LONG BEEN DREAMING edited by Nalo Hopkinson

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