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Shortform is a community for the review and discussion of short fiction. Given the founding membership, there is likely to be a bias towards stories that are (a) recent and (b) speculative fiction of some kind, but this is not intended to be proscriptive. Membership is open; please join and post about the stories that interest you, wherever they're from, whatever they're about, and however old they are.

The suggested format for contributions is one post per story, giving information such as title, author, length, and where the story was published in the header, followed by as much discussion as you like--from a paragraph to 5,000 words--in the post body. However, again, this is not written in stone; overall reviews of magazine issues or short fiction collections are welcomed.

If you are a publisher or editor, and would like to submit a copy of a story collection or magazine for review, please email coalescent@livejournal.com.

The definitions used here for different lengths of short fiction are the same as those used by awards such as the Hugos and Nebulas. This is to say that works of less than 7,500 words are described as 'short stories', works 7,500--17,500 in length are described as 'novellettes' (or 'novelets'), and works 17,500--40,000 words in length are described as 'novellas'. Works greater than 40,000 words in length are novels, and should not be discussed here. If in doubt about length, consider that at most (depending on format) a novella will probably be 150 pages long.

Please note that this is not a community about writing short stories; plenty of those already exist. This one's for the readers. Other than that, welcome, and enjoy!

An archive of posts can be found here. It's a wiki page, so you should feel free to add links to your posts as you make them. If you don't, hopefully the moderators will remember. Links to other short fiction review venues can be found in this post on Jed Hartman's journal.

Of historical interest, possibly: the original discussion about creating the community (complete with terrible first-draft name) is here. The community's first post, a general welcome, is here. You may notice certain similarities with this info page.